Our functional and historically accurate wooden and synthetic practice swords are made of  high-quality materials, making them strong enough to meet the requirements of the Martial Artist practitioners. An oak wooden sword allowed a warrior to practice a fight safely and without high costs, while he kept his real sword for the real battle that was to come.

The wooden swords are entirely made of oak wood, with a contrasting guard. The polypropylene swords are incredibly strong to meet the needs of modern martial arts practitioners. The practice can consist of sparring, techniques training, kata training and re-enactment.

It is important to train in a responsible way because wooden swords can eventually break. The advantage of the synthetic swords is the extreme durability, these are the correct choice for intensive training or sparring.

The standard in training in Japanese sword fighting arts is the oak bokken. It is also almost certain that white or red oak bokken will be the first choice for training. A good choice to raise your level so that you can practice the fighting techniques safely. The red and white wooden goats are common in Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, KenJitsu, NinJitsu, Iaido, Kendo, Katori Shinto Ryu and other styles.

The wooden oak bokken are natural products and therefore two bokken always feel something different. The weight, balance and feeling will not be the same. This is due to many factors, where did the tree grow, which oak tree was it exactly and from which part of the tree the goats were made. The method of transport, how the wood is dried, also have an effect on the goats. It is also important to know that our goats are tested for balance and weight as soon as there are new shipments.

In our assortment training swords you can find viking swords, wooden tai-chi swords, bokken (japanese samurai sword).

japanese bokken sword katana practice



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