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Chinese Swords

Chinese Swords

During the Shang Dynasty (1700 BC - 1027 BC), the development to forge a bronze sword were developed. These swords were fairly primitive and in no way elegant or beautiful. Only during the Zhou dynasty (1045 BC - 256 BC) were short, single-handed two-edged swords made of bronze. Much later, two-handed steel knives were finally made during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).

Over time, the techniques for making swords became more nuanced and various sword styles developed, including the creation of a Chinese saber. Liuyedao and niuweidao swords fall under this one-handed sword (dao or Chinese saber).

There are five weapons that each warrior learned to use in ancient China, including the spear, halberd, and staff. The Dao (saber) and Jian (sword) made this list complete and each has its own unique form, history and use.


All Dao swords have a single-sided cut and often a broad blade and are often bent. By thickening and thickening one side of the knife, reliability and ease of use increase. The dao swords were mostly used by cavalry soldiers on horseback. Some historians believe that the dao has influenced Japanese sword makers to make katana and wakizashi style knives.


Unlike the curved single edge of the dao, the jian knife is a straight, double-edged sword. The first jian sword became around the 7th century BC. Written. There are small and large versions of jian swords that are used with two hands in Chinese martial arts.

We only sell Battle Ready chinese swords for real use. These are therefore suitable for chopping and cutting exercises.

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Reference: SH2008ABC

Brand: Paul Chen Hanwei

Tai Chi Sword various lengths

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A high-quality Chinese Tai Chi Sword to train with every day so that your techniques reach a high level faster. A high-quality Chinese Tai Chi Sword to train with every day so that your techniques reach a high level faster.

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Reference: 41921

Brand: Fuji Forge

Tai Chi Sword

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This Tai Chi Sword is a qualitative practice sword so that your techniques reach a higher level safely and quickly.

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Reference: SH1011

Brand: Paul Chen Hanwei

Oxtail Dao

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The Paul Chen Oxtail Dao, high quality hand-forged Chinese sword which is suitable for real chopping and cutting exercises.

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