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Reference: 30600

Brand: Fuji Forge

White Oak Bokken

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A White Oak Bokken is necessary to train safely in various martial arts such as the Aikido, Iaido and Katori Shinto Ryu.

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Reference: SH1210

Brand: Paul Chen Hanwei

Bushido Katana

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Bushido Katana from Paul Chen, this samurai sword is made of K120C powder steel, hand-forged, folded and differential hardened, creating a cut with a hardness of 60 HRC and a backside of 40 HRC

Price €1,149.00 Regular price €1,199.00
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Reference: CS 80PGTK

Brand: Cold Steel

Cold Steel GI Tanto

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The GI Tanto from Cold Steel is a knife that has a tanto point and is made from 1055 Carbon steel with a length of 17.8 cm.  

Price €49.95
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